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How to Select a DUI Lawyer in Philadelphia

A DUI is a serious offense everywhere in the United States, but every state has it's own particular laws. In Pittsburgh, DUIs could get you in trouble quickly. Hiring a professional attorney experienced in DUIs will certainly help the situation. A Pittsburgh lawyer will be well versed in the laws of the state, but here are a few highlights.
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The legal limit, over which a person is not able to operate a car, is .08 percent BAC. A license could be suspended right away if a driver refuses to take a breathalyzer test in Pennsylvania. Instead, the policeman could order a blood test when they bring the driver to the station.

How serious is a DUI? A Pittsburgh lawyer could tell you that there are three levels of DUI. It is less of an offense if you have a BAC that is slightly over the legal limit than if you have a BAC which is twice the legal limit. The penalty will be worse the more you commit a DUI. Facing your first DUI within Pittsburgh, assuming the lowest tier, you can still be facing of fine of $300, as much as 6 months probation, and possibly even a court-ordered treatment program for your "alcohol problem.".
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Paying a fine of ten thousand dollars, going to prison for 5 years and seeking treatment or counseling are the punishments for a repeat offender with a really high BAC. An ignition interlock device can also be installed in your vehicle. This machine forces you to take a breathalyzer test each time you want to start your vehicle. Before facing a DUI offense for the third time, it is vital to research Pittsburgh criminal defense.

Having a list of questions to ask possible lawyers is a great idea. Ask the lawyers to focus on their experience on the subject matter, specifically in Pennsylvania. Hiring the right lawyer can provide you the freedom.

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